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Hi, I'm Aman.

Last updated Sep 1, 2017 14:02

I work at Intuit Inc. as a Software Engineer. I currently live and work in Bengaluru, India. I am a post-graduate from IIT Kharagpur with a major in Mathematics and Computing. I love programming and my specific fields of interest are Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Software Engineering.

I try to keep myself active to overcome a mostly sedentary job. I currently pursue ultra-cycling, long distance running, badminton and table tennis currently although I like to stir this list every once in a while. I cycle to work which works out pretty well for me and I would highly recommend it as a lifestyle choice.

I have an appetite for information about pretty much anything under the sun. I like variety and have a propensity to keep trying different things.

These are music I listen to, stuff I have read and am currently reading. I identify as INTJ based on this test. Drop me a line at aman dot aniket93 at gmail dot com if you would like to talk.