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Hello, Goodbye

Apr 19, 2017 15:28 · 277 words · 2 minutes read | graduation | beatles |

Somebody asks me, ‘Oh, You are a final year right? You must be feeling terrible about leaving this place! “. Should I? I think. And then indulge myself into a reverie

I came to to this place exactly 5 years ago with lots of hopes and expectations. The excitement of entering that phase of life is inexplicable. The most dominant feeling coming here was freedom. Yes, more than anything else. This was it. I had the liberty to lay back once in a while, to pursue every other hobby I wanted to, watch tons of TV shows and movies and whatnot to the extent that one would start abusing it. But with time came experiences and with experiences, learning. Lots and lots of it. The best part of it was that it was all sub-conscious and profound. In the present, things and events looks so ordinary and in place, but only when we look back and have that realization, the profoundity becomes cognizant. So, were I asked if I could have lived these years any differently, I would answer in a resounding NO. The way you feel is always a choice and I choose to feel proud and happy rather than wistful for the time, the place and last but not the least, the people. I’ll fondly remember the innumerous memories that I made here but I choose to be happy because of the fact that I may leave the place and the people but these memories and experiences have shaped me become who I am and shall forever stay with me. You say Goodbye, and I say Hello!

And oh yes, I love The Beatles ❤