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I wrote a poem!

May 23, 2017 16:33 · 253 words · 2 minutes read | poetry | creative writing |

Yes, had to be done. This came up to me during one of the discussions that I should write a poem. As impulsive as I am, I went ahead and actually wrote one. Please pardon me for wasting 2–3 minutes of your life (depending on your wpm of course)

What would I want from the girl whom I’d want to be with?
I would say just be yourself. Just follow your heart,
Just be there and make a positive change
from how you see the world, how you imagine it to be.

Be with me, accept me, believe me, be fair to me
Support me, be a source of inspiration
To do more than what’s conventional.
Be more than what we are taught to be, know more,

Care for me like your offspring, hand me a fist
whenever you think I deserve it.
Please pardon my quirks, my fickleness,
my loss of so-called common sense.

My dreaminess, my madness, my silliness,
my not able to stick to anything but try everything.
But I promise I’ll be the fair, the accepting,
the empathetic, the courageous, the curious.

One of the things about me is, I know
more adjectives than the ones I used.
But I know weird facts like, it’s easier to
make you a point when it’s diffused.

The last para of the poem should poetically be dedicated
to the last but one para, the only para that rhymed.
I dared and took the challenge to be
somebody else and wrote a poem.